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Tel.: 480-218-9888
1130 N Higley Rd Ste 102,
Mesa AZ 85205

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Title: 2019/4/26 20:09:16
This is ABSOLUTELY the best Chinese Restaurant in our area. I highly Recommend it! It's very close to my favorite place in NY !
Title: 2019/4/10 16:33:18
This is the best Chinese food I have come across since moving here from New York. Keep up the good work!!
Title: 2018/11/18 19:08:45
Two chicken dishes.. So disappointed. I'd hoped we finally found a decent Chinese Restaurant. Chicken so over cooked or cooked over and over again.. We'll keep looking.
Title: 2018/7/28 21:28:41
I have tried every Chinese restaurant in the area and this is by far my favorite!! Food is always good! Delivery is always faster than the estimate and the delivery drivers are polite and friendly!
Title: 2018/3/16 20:43:05
There's a lot of nasty comments on here about the food being bad. That wasn't my experience. Our first time here we ordered ~$30 worth of food to go. And we definitely got our money's worth because it was a LOT of food. All of it was dang good, too. No complaints. Service was a bit dry, but we didn't experience any issues. We were greeted at apon entry and thanked apon departure.
Title: 2017/11/27 19:52:38
Title: LITTERBUGS9/5/2016 8:24:40 AM
Walked out my front door this morning to find trash on my doorstep. On the ground in front of my door. It was your menu. I will never eat at your restaurant. Bad marketing!
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