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Title: 2023/11/18 1:00:53
Title: 2022/8/9 20:33:02
I first want to declare my bias. I am from Brooklyn, NY and was raised on NY Chinese food. Tonight was the first time I ordered from New China. The Won Ton Soup andE and Egg Foo Yong brought me back to my old neighborhood. My next step is to visit. Oh and by the way, they have "Duck Sauce". If you are from the Northeast you know what I am referring to.
Title: 2022/2/26 17:13:48
Hands down the best egg foo yung I have ever tried. The fresh patties are served separate from the sauce, rather than swimming in it. Also now a fan of Singapore Mei Fun.
Title: 2021/8/9 15:15:17
The bottom of the barrel poop
Title: 2021/8/6 21:13:17
Ordered shrimp fried rice and never have I had anything so bland! The shrimp were salad size shrimp…no egg and so much white onion, it’s all you could taste…never again,,,the cream cheese wontons were disgusting and went straight in the trash. No rating from me and won’t be back.
Title: 2020/8/25 15:51:36
This has to be one of the worst culinary experiences of our lives. The pork chop suey, the pork was harder than leather. The chicken chop suey had so many onions, you couldn't see the chicken. The pork fried rice, who doesn't know how to cook pork fried rice? It was horrible. Everything tasted horrible. I will NEVER eat there again, nor would I even think to reccomend it. On a level of 1 to 10 with 1 being the worst, I give them a total ZERO. All the other positive comments on here are probably from f ett iends, family or are complet6bogus
Title: 2020/5/18 3:26:47
Awesome content in our blog must read it.
Title: 2019/11/27 17:04:19
I will NEVER order until the website is fixed to allow for the free food offer
Title: 2019/11/27 16:46:22
FIX YOUR WEB SITE! you offer free stuff....but your web site does not allow it. Bait & Switch dishonesty.
Title: 2019/4/26 20:09:16
This is ABSOLUTELY the best Chinese Restaurant in our area. I highly Recommend it! It's very close to my favorite place in NY !
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